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Day 17 - Zero to MVP in 30 Days - Prepping for our calls

Hey all! If you’re new to this series, I laid down some ground rules in day zero, and explain the idea for my first project on day one. I document, a little every day, what I’m working on.

I continued our big push of cold emailing as expected. We’re still looking to get around 30 total calls scheduled.

Tomorrow we start on our first market research calls, which I took some time to prepare for today. I don’t have a script or anything that strict laid out, but I do have a list of questions lined up to keep the conversation going around uncovering challenges and try to talk about what a perfect solution would look like.

Here’s a list of some resources I’ve used to lend a guiding hand with preparing a list of interview questions:


  • More emailing, of course!
  • Fumble through our first few market research interviews, this should be quite a learning experience!