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Day 4 - Zero to MVP in 30 Days - Landing page delays

Hey all! A quickie tonight. Producing static screenshots that I’m satisfied with for my initial landing page is taking longer than I had anticipated (as these things go!)

But, taking some stock from a bit of research yesterday during lunch, I decided to iframe my Product Hunt Ship page on until I do put up a landing page. Likely Thursday as tomorrow is a bit thin.

After looking at every ship page with over 1000 subscribers, at least one just iframed their Ship page on their homepage, which is where the idea came from. Here’s a peek at that breakdown:

I’m happy to share the spreadsheet and go over some findings on successful Ship pages if there’s interest.

The post promised from yesterday, on creating an automatic feed in a slack channel of fresh content from your niche to engage and prospect from is now published here.

As always, feel free to email me with questions or feedback! And I shall catch you all tomorrow!