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Day 6 - Zero to MVP in 30 Days - A first look at

Hi everyone! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'll be taking some extra time to hang out with friends and family today. Nevertheless I wanted to put up a tiny post today!

Even though this is my shortest post, it’s likely my favorite so far – a first look at what I’m building!

Here’s the very first screenshot at the pre-alpha dashboard for Bystander:

So, my goals with the initial dashboard are:

  1. I want to immediately present value and try to have the user feel some version of: “wow, this is why we use this.” I hope the “quick stats” at the top help there, to see how much money you’re saving in customer support hours or in more users succeeding in completing their tasks.
  2. Show off the reason we’re here, the error logs. This should make it immediately clear where they can prioritize their efforts to recover costs from error messages. As an example, you can see I’m sorting the table to see which error is causing the most Customer Support communication this week.
  3. Try to not be overwhelming in our first presentation. We want it to look, feel, and be useful at first glance, not make a new user feel like they need to immediately run off to the documentation.

It could use a designer’s touch of course. But this is the very first attempt, and I’m quite happy with it!

Tomorrow, Day 7

  • I’ll stitch together our first real landing page
  • Switch from GitHub pages to a DigitalOcean droplet
  • Toss up Ghost on a subdirectory for Bystander’s blog
  • Prospect a list to test our new validation plan from yesterday, and schedule messages for Monday morning

Happy Thanksgiving!

And if this post is too short, a fellow maker – Emil – has started his own Zero to MVP in 30 Days challenge, take a look at his fantastic day one here.

And of course, feel free to message me or email me with feedback or questions or anything else on your mind!