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Day 13 - Zero to MVP in 30 Days - Some calls scheduled

Hi all! If you’re new to this series, I laid down some ground rules in day zero, and explain the idea for my first project on day one. I document, a little every day, what I’m working on.

Our cold email strategy from yesterday’s post is yielding some positive results already, in that we’re moving into some calls scheduled for next week.

Today has been more of the same for yesterday. My ultimate goal is you get about 30 calls scheduled, and getting this done in a short amount of time means I’m spending ton of time in my email.

The first wave of follow ups are written and scheduled to go out tomorrow morning. They’re meant to target a different time of day than the original email, just in case the time of day was simply bad for them on the first email.

And on that note, I’m afraid I need to leave you all with this tiny update. 🙈

Tomorrow’s list

  • More prospecting and emailing! 🏃🏃🏃
  • A bit of app development since it has been a few days, I need to scratch that developer itch.
  • Ski lifts run for the first day of the season at my local mountain, so I might treat myself to a few runs in the morning

Thanks for reading! And please email me with any questions or feedback! Since I’ll be hitting the prospecting hard for a few days yet, I’m curious if you all have a particular topic you’d like to see a post on? Tomorrow’s post might take a closer look at our follow up strategy. My email is on the sidebar. See you tomorrow!